Dr Raju Adhikari
Dr Raju Adhikari

Dr Raju Adhikari is working as a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship and holds an Adjunct A/Professor position at RMIT University. Since migrating to Australia in 1995, he has been in the forefront of his professional career and communities work.

He has received CSIRO medal along with several other awards and contributed significantly to technology and development through two spin-off biomedical companies as one of the inventor. Likewise he has held numerous positions on communities like Founder Presidents of Nepali Association of Victoria (NAV) and Help Nepal Network Australia, HeNN-Australia, Founder Chair of NRNA International Coordination Council (ICC) global Skill Knowledge and Innovation (SKI) Committee, Member, Open University Nepal Initiatives (OUNI) Development Board, Ministry of Education (MoE), Chair, NRNA’s ICC Nepal Science Foundation (NSF) Trust and currently as president of South Asian Community Link Group (SACLG)-Australasia. He has received several community awards and is a well-known for his outstanding community works Australia wide. Dr Adhikari is a strong believer and advocate of multiculturalism and believes science needs to be the basis and foundation to drive philanthropy; economic and social prosperity of any country and Victoria is the best place in the world to live and make contributions on all fronts.

Hari Pandey
Hari Pandey

Hari Pandey is a professional Telecommunication Engineer & aspiring entrepreneur with wealth of knowledge in Telecommunication networks, IT infrastructure and Project Management. He works as a Senior Engineer at Telstra Corporation Ltd.  He holds Masters degree  in Telecommunication Engineering from Latrobe University.

He is a strong advocate of science, technology and innovation and is involved with IN2 SCIENCE MENTORING Program to illustrate the importance of science and technology to secondary level students in Victoria.

Hari migrated to Australia from Nepal in 2004 and ever since has been involved with number of community organisations. He served as an Executive member/Media coordinator for Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV 2007- 2011). He has been part of Help Nepal Network Australia (HeNNA), Non Resident Nepalese Australia (NRNA) Skill Knowledge and Innovation (SKI) team to share skill/knowledge to least developed countries like Nepal. He is a coordinator of Society of Nepalese Engineers in Victoria (SNEVic) and heavily involved in supporting migrant and new engineers with their work, life and career challenges.

He is a strong believer in Multicultural Australia and actively working to bring communities together where they can collaborate to resolve common challenges. He likes to engage with local communities and encourage them to play active role to voice their issues and ideas.

He loves to read books, play soccer and cheers for his Bombers “Essendon Club” in his spare time.

Angpal Singh
General Secretary



Deepak Vinayak, JP
Deepak Vinayak, JP
Founding Patron and Executive Member

Deepak is a dedicated community worker with more than 15 years of experience in Australia. He has been actively engaged with new migrants training them in Australian values, ethics, language support and career guidance.

A firm believer in the power of youth, He has taken initiatives in developing platforms, bringing youth together to act on issues like social cohesion and multiculturalism and encourage them to play active leadership roles in their respective communities.

As a Justice of the Peace (JP) and a two time People of Australia Ambassador his work has been recognised as one of the leading voices in the South Asian and Indian community.

He has also mentored students and researchers from leading universities of the state of Victoria which includes universities of Monash, Victoria Deakin and La Trobe among others.

He is currently engaged with strengthening community resources in areas of gender justice and youth empowerment through active engagement with the Australian government, police and media and broader Australian communities.

He loves to stand by the people in their difficulties and he gets immense pleasure in connecting with people, volunteers, community, political, and faith leaders to promote peace and happiness.

Niru Tripathi
Niru Tripathi

Niru Tripathi is a professional journalist who has specialised in various realms such as; women and gender equality, social and community development, media and literature, and professional organization communication.

She has been associated with some community organisations in Australia and Nepal. Currently Ms. Tripathi is an Editor at Nepali Times Melbourne (NTM), a Co-publication of Nepali Times Australia (NTA). She has been regarded as a youngest and first women Editor of Nepali print media in Australia. She has experience of working as a reporter for the number of media in Nepal. She has studied Master of Professional and Organizational Communication from Victoria University, Melbourne.

She was appointed as a brand ambassador for SERENDIP award initiated by Sri Lankan community in Victoria. She has been commended as a volunteer supporter for the interactive forum on south Asia’s multi-faith and multiculturalism by south Asian community link group Australasia (SACLG).

She has been honoured with various awards in Nepal from the organizations such as; Sadhana kala Kendra, Media Collection Pvt Ltd, Everest Toastmasters Nepal etc.

She is a long standing contributor and commentator to various newspapers, digital news services, Radio, television and Print media outlets in Nepal and Australia. Her interests are in Drama teaching, literature (poem, novel and play) writing.